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Tarion Warranty Inspection

Why choose a Warranty Inspection? - Most new home buyers believe that a new home is a problem free and structurally sound home. That belief is, unfortunately, cannot be farther from the truth. In today‚Äôs housing market, the volume of new home starts is staggering. Faced with the pressures to meet these volumes, builders may sometimes take shortcuts or inadvertently miss steps either of which may have serious consequences on the stability of your home and safety of your family.The Tarion Ontario New Home Warranty Program is the first line of defense a home owner has to protect their investment. 

Our TARION Warranty Inspection provides you with information that will help you become an informed consumer and report concerns about your new home with confidence. New houses are living breathing things. In the first year after your new home is built, it will settle into its environment. Changing seasons have a profound affect on the buildings structure. Foundations move resulting in the movement of numerous components of the buildings system. These natural occurrences create the possibility of damage to key building components. It is your responsibility to provide your builder with a list of your concerns prior to your 30 day and 1 year anniversaries of home possession. You get a complete, detailed inspection analysis of your home in both written and digital formats. 

The Inspector will investigate all major components of the building system and comment on areas of concern as they relate to standard building practice and builder tolerances. This service is designed to help you avoid costly defects that could be repaired by your builder rather than at your expense The Warranty Inspection on a new home includes:

  • Home Reference Manual
  • Consultation about TARION warranty submission
  • Home inspection report with edited digital photos
  • Electronic report on flash drive