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International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)

​The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors—InterNACHI—is the world's largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors, providing education, training, certification, benefits and support for its members. InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspectors® follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice, abide by a strict Code of Ethics, and take accredited Continuing Education courses each year. Although this association has more of a global focus, it does provide inspectors with additional training and services to supplement the skills developed as OAHI and CAPHI members.

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI)

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) was formed in 1987. OAHI operated as a chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), until 1994 when the OAHI became a self regulating professional body with the passage of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act.

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act received royal assent on December 9, 1994, enabling the OAHI to define qualification and performance requirements and the exclusive right to grant the designations "Registered Home Inspector" and "RHI" to qualified members in the Province of Ontario. RHI is the highest attainable level of qualification and competency within the organization. OAHI is the leading edge of the North American profession as the first self-regulating home inspection organization, with associations in other jurisdictions following the OAHI's lead.

The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors is dedicated to enhancing the technical skills and professional practice of home inspectors, and maintaining high professional standards through education and discipline. The OAHI Standards of Practice provides inspection guidelines, and the OAHI Code of Conduct defines the member's responsibility to act in a strictly fair, impartial, and professional manner.

Don has been elected on to the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. One of the key objectives of the board in the coming year is to regulate the home inspection industry in Ontario in the name of Consumer Protection. Far too many unqualified or poorly trained inspectors have emerged in our province over the last few years and, unfortunately, the home buyers are paying the price with huge unexpected repair costs which should have been identified at time of the inspection. We want to protect home buyers by establishing our high level of standards with respect to performing home inspections as the minimum requirement and we are actively lobbying the Ontario government to support these standards with the appropriate legislation. We are urging the general public to support us in this initiative by lobbying their local member of parliament.


Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAPHI)

Home inspections began as a consumer service in the 1970's in direct response to the growing demands by home buyers. It soon became apparent that selecting a home inspector was becoming as important as finding the right home. To meet this need, the Canadian Association Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) was formed in 1982.

The Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors represents the interests of its members through promoting and enhancing members’ professionalism and competency. Their objectives are:

  1. Establish and enhance the status of the professional home and property inspectors with the public, governments, stakeholders across Canada and all associated agencies and professionals across Canada.
  2. Establish and advance a national standard for professional development, education, and advocacy for home and property inspectors across Canada.
  3. Develop and support programs that are beneficial to Canadian home and property inspector provincial/regional associations and their individual members.
  4. Provide enhanced consumer protection through competency evaluation and public awareness campaigns.