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Home Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspection

In Canada nearly 85% of resale homes have an home inspection completed on them. The main benefits of having a pre-purchase home inspection are:

  • it provides you with the important information concerning the condition of the major systems of the home

  • it identifies visible prior repairs or additions to the home

  • to identify any potential safety hazards that may be evident during the inspection, giving you the peace of mind that your new home is safe to move into

  • it can save you money by identifying all visible deficiencies so that during the negotiations you can either request that the deficiencies are repaired or it will give you the necessary information to re-negotiate the selling price to offset the cost of the repairs

A professional home inspection is both independent and unbiased. It can help you to understand the true condition of your potential purchase and save you time and money. Contact Structurally Sound Inc. to schedule a house inspection for your property.