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Home Inspections

"Free Home Maintenance Book and 
Extra Time to Explain How Your Home Works" ‚Äč

First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing a Home is very stressful!
Not very many times in your life will you have to deal with lawyers, realtors, city, taxes, financing, offers, purchase offers, moving, etc, especially all at the same time!  

Often the last thing that you worry about is getting the inspection. We will provide the expert help you need now for peace of mind later. By the end of the inspection process, you will be able to make an educated decision about how to proceed with the home purchase.

The inspection is not only about discovering defects on the property. We believe it is critical to educate first time buyers on how to maintain the various systems of a home in order to prevent potential costly repairs which could have been avoided.

You can call any time after the inspection if you have questions.

Have me call you.